Stochastic Model in Epidemic

D. Muthuramakrishnan1 and A. Martin2*

1Associate Professor, 2Assistant Professor 1Department of Mathematics, 2Department of Mathematics, 1National College, Tiruchirapalli - 620001, INDIA. 2Avvaiyar Government College for Women, Karaikal 609602, INDIA.

DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.29055/jcms/984


This paper gives in detail about stochastic epidemic model. A simple stochastic epidemic model is defined and exact and asymptotic model properties are presented. The purpose of modelling is given by detailing the effects of vaccination and also in terms of inference procedures for important parameters, such as the basic reproduction number and the critical vaccination coverage. Also this paper gives about the initial phase of the epidemic approximated by homogeneous branching process.

Keywords :Basic reproduction number, Stochastic epidemic, Ultimate number, Branching Process.

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