Efficient Color Image Enhancement Using HSV Color Space and Sub Segment Histogram Equalization

Nalini Dhuware and Bahrti Chaurasia

Scope College of Engineering, Bhopal, INDIA.


As seen, the image visibility may be poor due to sudden illumination change and cast of shadows due to nearby object. Due to that, it requires the image enhancement which has been an extensively used process for the better visual perception of the image. Amongst many methods of image enhancement, the histogram equalization is the most commonly used method due to its ease. However, the global histogram equalization method enhances the region in image where sometimes it does not require the manipulation. In order to handle this situation, local histogram method is proposed that preserve the color component and improve the visibility in the highly contrast reason. In this work, we utilized V-transform technique to sub-divide the region into sub-segment and the local contrast is improved without disturbing the color component of the image. A weighted value is determined to estimate the correct pixels at certain location for the better visibility. Experimental results on some standard datasets show that the proposed method enhances the degraded image effectively without deteriorating the color component of the images.

Keywords :V transform, HSV, Histogram equalization.

map1 map2 map3