A Survey on Role of Graph Theory in Various Approaches

Jincy Mathai1, Paul P Mathai2 and Ierin Babu3

1Asst. Professor, Dept. of Science & Humanities, Muthoot Institute of Technology and Science, Varikoli P.O, Puthencruz, Ernakulam (Dist), Kerala, INDIA. 2Asst. Professor, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, Federal Institute of Science and Technology, Hormis Nagar, Mookkannoor P.O., Angamaly, Ernakulam, Kerala INDIA. 3Asst. Professor, Dept. of Information Technology, Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vidhya Bharathi Nagar, Mattoor P.O., Kalady, Ernakulam, Kerala INDIA.


Graph Theory is one of the best known, popular and extensively researched subject, having many applications and conjectures, which are still open and studied by various mathematicians and computer scientists along the world.Now a days the role of graph theory in various filed is increasing, currently it provide greater functionality, combination, and low cost system into real world designed systems. Graph theory is in spot to play extensive roles in real application and hence, this paper illustrates could do with by bringing together all known current approaches of graph theory.This paper presents a survey on the graph theory challenges relevant to their approaches and techniques. We extend this review and explore the field of graph theory further, recitation various results obtained by other authors.

Keywords :Graph Theory, Graph, Edge, Spectral graph theory, Stochastic coupled systems

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