Image Reconstruction Based on the Fusion of Contourlet and Non Sub Sampled Contourlet Transform

Brijbhushan Mishra1 and Anshuj Jain2

1PG Scholar, Scope College of Engineering, Bhopal, INDIA. 2Assistant Professor, ECE Department, Scope College of Engineering, Bhopal, INDIA.


The suppression of noise content is an important concern in the image processing. Noise in images can cause the suppression of some relevant image. The multi-dimensional and multi-scale, and shift-invariant image decomposition technique has been an effective method to reconstruct the true image from noisy image. This work is focused to calculate the relevant edges flexible using the image fusion techniques that utilizes the redundancy of the images which are given by Contourlet and NSCT transform. The principle component analysis has been used to calculate the effective weight which has been provided to the pixels Experimental analysis shows that the proposed method efficiently reduces the noise and enhances the edges in an image.

Keywords :Contourlet transform, non sub sampled Contourlet transform, principle component analysis, multi-scale pyramid, and directional bank filter.

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