A Frame Work for Managing Electronic Healthcare Records Securely in Cloud

Yang Zhenning and R. Surya Prakash

School of Computing Science and Engineering, VIT University, Vellore-632014, T.N., INDIA.


Cloud Computing - The Technology of today, made our life comfortable and easy by making most of the services which are on-demand, were brought down to our fingertip with Scalability, High performance, Low Cost. The most remarkable change made by cloud computing is that it made management and allocation of resources simple and federal. In the list of management services offered by the cloud, Health care services play a vital role. Though the connectivity issues in these kinds of services were solved by the cloud, data management issues like data storage, data retrieval, and data security still exists. Hence this current proposal speaks about establishing an enhanced cloud environment targeted for Health Care Services.

Keywords :High performance, Low Cost, Health Care Services, Cloud Computing- The Technology.

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