Stress Work Effects on MHD Natural Convection Flow Along a Vertical Flat Plate with Heat Conduction and Nonuniform Surface Temperature

M. H. Rashid1, Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam2, MD. M. ALAM3 and M. M. Parvez4

Department of Mathematics, Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology, Gazipur-1700, BANGLADESH.


In this paper is presented to study conjugate effects of viscous dissipation and pressure work on MHD natural convection flow along a vertical flat plate with heat conduction and power law variation of surface temperature. Viscous dissipation and pressure work effects on magneto-hydrodynamics natural convection flows with heat conduction are considered in this investigation. With a goal to attain similarity solutions of the problem, the developed equations are made dimensionless by using suitable transformations. The non-dimensional equations are then transformed into non-similar forms by introducing non- similarity transformations. The resulting non-similar equations together with their corresponding boundary conditions based on conduction and convection are solved numerically by using the shooting method of Nachtsheim-swigert iteration technique and finite difference method together with Keller box Scheme. Numerically calculated velocity profiles and temperature profiles, skin friction and the rate of heat transfer coefficient are shown on graphs for different values of the parameters entering into the problem.

Keywords :Free convection, Prandtl’s number, magneto-hydrodynamics, heat generation, viscous dissipation and pressure work.

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