Nonlinear Effects of Science and Technology Policy Incentives to China's High-tech Product Exports

Wang Rong1, Aliyu M. Kolo1 and Cheng Taimin2

1Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, School of Economics and Management, 2Department of Mathematics, Shenyang 110142, CHINA.


This paper constructs a logistic model of a country's science and technology policy incentives in enterprise technology learning and innovation risk preference practices of high-tech product exports. On the basis of the classification and quantification of science and technology policy, science and technology policy incentive parameters are introduced, and under the influence of the science and technology policy incentives for enterprise innovation behavior, non-linear growth trajectory of high-tech products exports is described and explained with the model. Using empirical findings of China Statistical Yearbook and China Statistical Yearbook of Science and Technology from 1994 to 2010, Chinese high-tech product exports which vary with time have attractor phenomenon, synergies of science and technology policies in both aspects of stimulating enterprise learning and reducing the innovation risk promote the growth of Chinese high-tech product exports.

Keywords :Science and Technology Policy; High-tech Product Exports; Logistic Equation.

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