Generalized Model for the Spread of Carrier-Dependent Infectious Diseases with Logistic Growth

S. K. Tiwari 1, P. Porwal 2 and M. Ausif Padder 3

1,2,3S. S. in Mathematics, Vikram University, Ujjain, M.P., INDIA.


The present paper is an extension of the work of Ghosh et al . 15 by generalizing the birth and death rates. It is assumed that the density of carrier population increases with the increase in the cumulative density of discharges by the human population in to the environment. The growth of carrier population obeys simple logistic law. The generalization of the model is done for the following two cases: (i) the rate of cumulative environmental discharges is constant and (ii) the rate of cumulative environmental discharges is a function of total population density.

Keywords :Epidemic model, infectious diseases, carriers, environmental discharge, logistic growth

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