On the Hyper-Wiener Index of Graph Amalgamation

Shigehalli V. S1, D. N. Misale2 and Shanmukh Kuchabal3

1Senior Associate Professor Head, Dept. of Physics Bhaurao Kakatkar College, Belgaum, INDIA.
2Professor Chairman and Head of the Department
3Dept. of Mathematics, Rani Channamma University, Vidyasangama, Belagavi, INDIA.


Let G be the graph. The Wiener Index W(G) is the sum of all distances between vertices of G, where as the Hyper-Wiener index WW(G) is defined as WW(G)= 1/2 W(G)+ Σd2(u,v). In this paper we prove results on Hyper-Wiener Index of Amalgamation of Compete Graph Kp with common vertex and Amalgamation of cyclic graph C4 with common edge.

Keywords :Hyper-Wiener Index, Amalgamation of Compete Graph Kp, Amalgamation of cyclic graph C4.

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