Expansion of Zero Accretive Operator in a Closed Graph Mapping

Krishna Kumar Pandey1*, Chitaranjan Khadanga2 and Yogesh Kumar Sahu3

1,2,3 Department of Mathematics, Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus, Bhilai,490020-INDIA.


On considering the application on a closed graph theorem to the solutions of operator equation for Banach Space X and Y and letting be linear mapping f : X + Y, which is closed and Surjective, then f is an open mapping. In this paper we have been established the results in the form: for X be a linear space over k for subsets U , V , and such that k K , then for every , there is a sequence such that + 1 , in zero accretive operator

Keywords :Accretive operator, Linear mapping, Normed linear space, Banach Space, Metric space..

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