Study on Strength of Intact Rock Masses

Yuvraj Sahu, Nitesh Netam and G. P. Khare

Civil Engineering, Government Engineering College Jagdalpur, INDIA.


The several different means in the context of research for intact rock strength of a rock mass has been used. The unconfined compressive strength testing, Schmidt hammer, Equotip and estimation by so-called ‘simple means’ are being used. The ‘simple means’ is being done by denotes estimating the intact rock strength by hammer blows, crumbling by hand. The same rock masses have been tested by many different people to avoid observer bias. Estimation of strength of rock masses by ‘simple means’ is more representative. Many cases of a rock mass than establishing the intact rock strength by more elaborate testing shows more reliable results. The study of the topic for this article is executed in the context of the studding in civil engineering. Present study has an opportunity to know the strength of intact rock masses.

Keywords :intact rock strength, rock mass, hammer blows.

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