Micropolar Fluid Model for Blood Flow through a Stenosed Artery in the Presence of Magnetic Field

Gaurav Varshney

Assistant Professor, Mathematics, S.B.S. Government Post Graduate College, Rudrapur-263153, Uttarakhand, INDIA.


Micropolar fluids, the fluids with microstructure belongs to a class of fluids with nonsymmetric stress tensor that we shall call polar fluids. These fluids can support stress moments and body moments and are influenced by the spin inertia. The characteristic of suspensions in blood gives idea to assume blood as a micropolar fluid in the core region and plasma as a Newtonian fluid in the peripheral region of a blood vessel. In this paper, a Mathematical model is developed for the blood flow through an artery having mild stenosis. A magnetic field of uniform strength is transversally applied to the direction of blood flow. Governing equations are solved using numerical finite difference method. The effects of various flow parameters on the Micropolar fluid model of blood flow are analysed graphically. An important conclusion which is drawn from the solution of the present problem is that flow characteristic of blood is influenced by the presence of stenosis and externally applied magnetic field.

Keywords :Micropolar fluids, nonsymmetric stress tensor, Newtonian fluid.

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