Topsis Application to Fuzzy Game Problem

M.Thirucheran1 and E. R. Meena Kumari*

1L. N. Govt. College, Ponneri, Tamil Nadu, INDIA. *Bharathi Women’s College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.29055/jcms/1132


Multicriteria decision making problems (MCDM) is a problem about how to find the best optimal solution from all the feasible alternatives on the basis of two or more attributes. In many real life MCDM problems, the data are often vague. If the uncertainties occur in 12 different points, the dodecagonal fuzzy numbers are used. In this paper, two person zero sum game has been considered with imprecise values in payoff matrix. All the imprecise values are assumed to be dodecagonal fuzzy numbers. The fuzzy payoffs are converted to crisp values using ranking methods based on “centroid of centroids” method. There are many methods to solve MCDM problems. Out of these approaches “TOPSIS” method has gained popularity in the field of MCDM because of its simplicity and practicality. The importance is expressed by attributing weight to each criterion. Nowadays purchasing of an automobile, especially cars in the market is very tough task to the customers due to day to day changes in various technical and operational parameter specifications. To overcome this confusion, “TOPSIS” procedure is one of the best selection procedure which is adapted to solve two person zero sum game. AMS subject classification (2010):15B15, 16D25, 62F07, 91A05.

Keywords :Two person games, ranking of fuzzy number, positive and negative ideal solution, relative closeness.

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