Vedic Mathematics Implementation in Multiplier Units

Nitesh Kumar Sharma1, Deepesh Kumar Gautam2 and M. R. Khan3

1Electronics & Communication, Dr.C.V.Raman University Bilaspur INDIA. 2Electronics & Telecommunication, Govt. Girls Polytechnic Jagdalpur INDIA. 3Electronics & Telecommunication, GEC Jagdalpur INDIA.

DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.29055/jcms/1083


A Vedic multiplication algorithm by using Vedic mathematics formula Urdhava Tiryakbhyam method means vertically and cross wise. Vedic mathematics is mainly based on 16 Sutras and was rediscovered in early 20th century. In ancient time in India, people used this Sutra for decimal number multiplications effectively. The same basic concept of Vedic mathematics is applied to multiplication of binary number to make usable in the digital hardware system. The speed of the computation process is increased and the processing time is reduced due to decrease of combinational path delay compared to the traditional method.

Keywords :Vedic maths; tree; multiplier; HDL.

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