Analytical Solution of Surge Hydrodynamic Coefficients by an Offshore-structure Model in a Channel of Finite Width

Manoj Biswakarma, Pankaj Borah and Mohammad Hassan*

Department of Mathematics, North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh: 791 109, INDIA.


This paper presents the analytical solutions for the surge radiation problem by a floating single hollow cylindrical structure in a channel of finite width. We used the channel multipoles approach in order to find the solutions including wall conditions. On the basis of channel multipoles, separation of variables methods, we derived the surge radiated velocity potentials in the identified subdomains. Moreover, by using appropriate matching conditions between virtual and physical boundaries of the subdomains, we deduce a system of linear equations to find the unknown coefficients. From the expressions of radiated velocity potentials, we obtain the expressions of hydrodynamic coefficients, namely, added mass and damping coefficients due to surge oscillation of hollow cylindrical structure. MSC (2000): 76B07, 76B15.

Keywords :Surge motion, Channel multipoles, Hydrodynamic coefficients, wavenumber, virtual boundary.

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