Linear Unsteady MHD Flow of Burgersí Fluid with Heat Generation/Absorption Over a Stretching Surface

P. H. Nirmala* and A. Saila Kumari

Department of Mathematics, JNTU University, Ananthapur, A.P., 515002 INDIA.


In present article the research on the unsteady linear convection of burgersí fluid flow in presence of magnetohydrodynamic in the absence of buoyancy effect and presence of Buongiorno nano model. The erected set of linear partial differential system is changed into coupled linear ordinary differential system by take on the suitable transformations. Numerical method is used in mathematical analysis for solve the ordinary differential equations. We investigate impact of physical parameter on the magnetic field effect, velocity, temperature and concentration profiles in unsteady linear case. The present results comparative study has been done with previous published relative data. The graphical and tabulated results are specified to reflect the physical nature of the present problem. From this result we concluded that unsteady linear convection flow result is better agreement than the steady linear convection flow.

Keywords :Buongiorno model, Brownian motion, Thermophoresis effect, unsteady linear convection, Reynolds number, local Grashoff number.

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