Domination Number of Sierpinski Cycle Graph of Order n

Kalanidhi Kalyan and Mohit James

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, SHUATS, Prayagraj, (U.P), 211007, INDIA.


Domination in Graph is developing area of research in graph theory. In a graph, a domination set is a subset 𝐒 of vertices such that every vertex is either in 𝐒 or adjacent to a vertex in 𝐒. The domination number is the number of vertices in a smallest dominating set for graph 𝐆(𝐕,𝐄). Generalized Sierpinski Graphs are extremely Complex-meaning we can zoom in and find the same shapes forever. In this paper we have investigated the domination number of Sierpinski Cycle graph of order 𝐧≥𝟒.

Keywords :Domination Number, Generalised Sierpinski Graph, Cycle Graph and their sierpinski graph.

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