Performance Measures for BSkSP- 3 with BChSP- 4(0,2)2 as a Reference Plan

Bennet Jose1 and M. Rajeswari2

1*Research Scholar, Department of Mathematics, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 641021, INDIA. 2Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics, JIPMER, Puduchery, 606006, INDIA.


Bayesian acceptance sampling is the technique which deals with procedures by which the decision to accept or reject lots is based on the examination of prior process history or knowledge of samples. The present work relates to the tables for the selection of Bayesian Skip-lot Sampling Plan 3 (BSkSP-3) with Bayesian Chain Sampling Plan (BChSP- 4(0,2)2) as a reference plan. Beta distribution is considered as the prior distribution for BChSP- 4(0,2)2. Construction and evaluation of performance measures of BSkSP-3 are derived and tables have constructed for this purpose. ASN values were tabulated for different values of p and its comparison is done with BMChSP-1 and BChSP- 4(0, 2)2 as reference plans.

Keywords :Acceptance Quality Level (AQL), BSkSP-3, Bayesian Chain Sampling Plan (BChSP- 4(0,2)2), Indifference Quality Level (IQL), Limiting Quality Level (LQL).

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