A Two-dimensional Problem in Fiber-reinforced Magnetothermoelasticity under a Mechanical Load

Priti Dhankhar1, Ravinder*2 and Rakesh Kumar3

1GC Hisar, Department of Higher Education Haryana, (125001) INDIA. 2CRMJC Hisar, Department of Higher Education Haryana, (125001) INDIA. 3AMSSS Ukalana (Hisar), Department of Secondary Education Haryana, INDIA.


The present manuscript is aimed at studying the propagation of plane waves in a fiber-reinforced, anisotropic, thermoelastic half-space with magnetic effects. The formulation is applied to generalized thermoelasticity based on the Green-Lindsay (G-L) theory. A mechanical load is applied on the surface of the half-space. The analytical expressions for the displacement components, stresses and temperature field are obtained in the physical domain by using normal mode analysis. Moreover, some particular cases of interest have been deduced from the present investigation.

Keywords :Fiber-Reinforced; Magnetothermoelasticity; Normal mode analysis; Relaxation times; Mechanical Load; Green-Lindsay theory.

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