Model of Rayleigh Wave Propagation in a Microstretch Thermoelastic Half-space with Two-temperatures

Arvind Kumar*1 and Rakesh Kumar2

1GSSS Durjanpur (Hisar), Department of Secondary Education Haryana, INDIA. 2AMSSS Ukalana (Hisar), Department of Secondary Education Haryana, INDIA.


In this research article, the effect of two temperatures on the Rayleigh wave propagation in a generalized microstretch thermoelastic solid half-space with two-temperature has been investigated. The Green- Naghdi (GN) theory of thermoelasticity is adopted in the present research. The medium is subjected to stress free, isothermal boundary. After developing a mathematical model, the dispersion curve in the form of polynomial equation is obtained. Phase velocity and attenuation coefficient of Rayleigh wave are computed numerically. The numerically simulated results are depicted graphically.

Keywords :Rayleigh wave, Two-temperatures, Green-Naghdi theory, Microstretch thermoelastic, Phase velocity, Attenuation coefficient.

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