Regn. No. : MPENG/2009/34279

Impact factor : 1.92

ISSN 0976 - 5727 (print)  
ISSN 2319 - 8133 (online)  
Year of Publication : 4th
Periodicity : Bi-monthly
February, April, June, August,
October & December
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Mobile : +91 9827520808, 9617579474
JOURNAL OF COMPUTER AND MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES is an international journal which provides a plateform to scientist and researchers all over the world for the dissemination of knowledge in computer science , mathematical sciences and related fields. Origional research papers and review articles are invited for publication in the field of Computer science, Software engineering, Programming, Operating system, Memory structure, Compilers, Interpretors, Artificial intelligence, Complexity, Information storage and Retrieval, Computer system organization and Communication network, Processor architectures, Image and Speech processing, Pattern recognition and Graphics, Database management, Data structure, Applications, Information system, Internet, Multimedia Information system, User Interface, Human Computer Interface, Computing methodologies, Automation, Robotics and related fields. Similarly, original research papers and review articles of Pure mathematics, Applied mathematics, Mathematical sciences and related fields can also be considered for the publication in the journal.

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